Quality Food & Safety

MMI prides itself on delivering quality kernel, reliably & consistently. To ensure we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations we work with our suppliers to achieve the best possible audit results & certification.

Our customers can rely on MMI suppliers to continue best practice production methods & quality assurance will always be our top priority.

MMI continually monitor the entire quality process in each & every one of our factories to ensure we deliver high quality food safe kernel.

All our kernel is exclusively produced and branded for MMI. All of our brands have an international reputation for consistency in size, colour, shape and superior taste.

Our suppliers control of quality and food safety starts on the farm where their factory teams provide feedback and advice to growers on producing the very best macadamias. They have approved supplier programs that ensure growers comply with strict guidelines regarding the usage of agricultural chemicals and other issues of critical importance to food safety and quality.

All our suppliers have HACCP, our Australian factories are both BRC accredited. MMI insist on world class manufacturing practices.


Our suppliers processing operations have been designed to ensure efficiency and to provide customers with the confidence that our products are of the highest quality and safe to eat.

Our factories employ the latest in modern technology such as colour sorters to ensure we are efficient and produce the highest quality products.

To ensure we deliver kernel that not only looks good but also tastes great our factories have designed and constructed their entire processing operation to meet this requirement. Key features of Australian processors systems include:


State of the art drying facility gives our Australian suppliers complete control of the drying process. By precisely controlling the relative humidity and temperature they operate the system which enables them to produce kernel that has a very long shelf life. The system not only ensures quality but is good for the environment – by dramatically reducing their carbon footprint.

Industry Leading Kernel Specifications

In producing the IML brand our Australian suppliers concentrate on providing customers with the very best kernel. They have developed specifications that meet the needs of our customers – ensuring we deliver what is required. They continually test our kernel during processing to ensure it meets our specifications for items such as whole kernel percentage, moisture level and reject kernel percentage. Any product that does not meet specifications is identified and reprocessed. This ensures that when you buy IML kernel, you can rest assured the product will be what we say it is.

Whole Kernel Specifications

Macadamia whole kernel is more expensive than halves and pieces so customers should expect to get the quantity of whole kernel that they have specified. In many cases the IML kernel produced by our Australian factories has whole kernel style specifications that ensure you receive a higher content of whole kernel than other processors can provide.

Size Blends

Our Australian processors have specialised equipment that allows them to accurately mix and match different sizes and styles of kernel to develop a product that meets your needs.


Every IML carton produced by our Australian suppliers can be identified allowing us to provide traceability for every carton, with details such as time and location of packing, process control results, microbial and chemical testing and the details from the grower and the practices used to produce those nuts.

Microbiological Testing

We take no risks when it comes to microbiological contamination. Our processors around the world work on a hold, test and release system to ensure that our products meet not only our specifications but also the relevant food safety standards. All our testing is carried out by certified laboratories.


Our Kenyan partners pack their very best kernel into the brands they produce for MMI. We spend time in each facilities ensuring that they understand and adhere to our stringent quality specifications. We only deal with suppliers who have world class facilities, solid food safety programs and the drive to continually improve. We assist them by providing them with technical expertise gained from our long experience in processing in Australia

Our Kenyan suppliers all have ISO 22000 and HACCP certification and the regularly review their systems and implement changes to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality and safest macadamias