Sagana Nuts


Sagana are a small high quality processor, located in the Embu region of Kenya, who are part of the Afrimac group. They have a high quality food grade factory with FSSC 22000 food safety management system and HACCP certification.

Afrimac, which is a blend between the words African and Macadamia, is a Kenyan company conceived on the notion that the taste of the African Macadamia nut needed to be brought to the world so that the world may share in this unique experience of quality and richness in taste.

They were founded in 2012 by Johnson Muhara, who by then had over 30 years of experience in the nut industry. The company’s mission was to expand its operations while bridging the gap that had been in the industry in terms of sourcing and producing top quality Macadamia. Mr. Muhara’s deep understanding of customers’ needs has also been useful to the company’s processes and this knowledge in turn has helped the Afrimac and the companies who are part of their marketing group to create opportunities for many Kenyans along the different channels to benefit.

Since inception, the impact has been great across the above communities especially where it concerns creating livelihoods for youth in these areas. By employing a huge team of trained sales representatives going straight to the fields in Macadamia growing zones and meeting farmers at their point of need, AFRIMAC has directly created opportunities for over 200 staff and indirectly for over 3000 employees