Pacific Gold Macadamias

Situated in Bundaberg, Queensland, Pacific Gold Macadamias (PGM) has the market assurance of being owned by some of the largest growers and processors of macadamia nuts in the world. All their macadamias are sourced from orchards throughout Queensland. This provides them with a guaranteed annual supply of premium quality macadamias.

The Bundaberg region has undergone heavy planting over the last 20 years and it now produces more macadamias than any other growing region in Australia. The farms in Bundaberg are generally large scale commercial operations. The vast tracts of flat land and a good supply of water for irrigation lend themselves to producing high quality macadamias in large volumes.


Pacific Gold is the only processor in the Bundaberg region and captures a high percentage of the regions production. The PGM factory is only 5 years old and is the most modern factory in the industry. The factory has undergone expansion each year since it was first built and has now grown to be the second largest processor in Australia, currently processing approximately 10,000t of NIS each year.

The company uses state of the art low energy drying systems that lower it’s carbon footprint and improve the quality and shelf life of the finished product. The most up to date colour sorters have been installed to remove damaged kernel and foreign objects and ensure that their customers receive high quality.

Finished product is stored in their purpose built cold room to help provide very long shelf for their product

Quality Control and food safety

PGM supply only the finest quality macadamias. Their processing facilities meet stringent ‘Australian Food Standard’ requirements and are BRC and HACCP certified

All incoming Nut-In-Shell (NIS) is sampled, and tested for quality, prior to processing. Maximum thresholds for the presence of foreign matter, mold, discoloration, insect damage, germination, and immaturity are strictly monitored.

Subsequently, kernel that passes through the facility for grading to specification, sorting and/or roasting, is also uniformly sampled and checked at regular intervals in the processing chain, and prior to being dispatched to customer’s, for microbiological contaminants.

Value adding

PGM has modern and efficient value adding facilities. They can roast and dice large quantities of macadamias to customer specification and can pack product into retail packs for their customers. Their retail packing line is equipped with x-ray and check weighing equipment to ensure customers receive the high quality product

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For more information please visit the Pacific Gold Macadamias website.