Jungle Nuts

Kenyan macadamia nuts are grown in the mineral rich highland soils of Mt. Kenya on the equator and have a crunchy rich taste. Early Settlers from Australia introduced this tree to the Kenyan highlands and the result was an excellent blend of Australian Macadamias in the unique Kenyan environment. This is a great experience for everyone to try.

The Jungle Nuts Macadamia facility employs modern technology to crack the shell and remove the kernel. Every kernel is then carefully inspected by highly trained workers to ensure only the very best kernel is placed in their final product.

They are an ISO 22000 company that have a very strong emphasis on quality. Their quality control team checks all facets of production from Receipt of raw material to final packing and dispatch.

The Jungle Nuts team are continuously improving the factory which helps them produce high quality food safe kernel. They have recently invested in modern machinery to produce oil, roast kernel and to package retail products

Jungle Macs Limited has committed to contribute to community development through its operations by adopting organic and fair trade policy. In line with this, the company has decided to work with Jungle Foundation so as to have a special focus for corporate social responsibility activities. It has also committed to have its operations certified for organic and fair trade and will strive to achieve the following:

Jungle nuts is committed to the following principles

  • Ensuring there is proper governance from the farmers/farmer groups to employees.
  • Committing to respect human rights across all its operation
  • Ensure that the work relations and conditions give workers ambient environment to work
  • Respect and foster environmental conservation practices within the processing facility and production sites
  • Commit to good business practices and partnership
  • Ensures that consumers concerns are catered for and that they are served with high quality products
  • Commit to society development in the areas that the company is operating