Ivory Macadamias

It was back in 1953 that the initial farm, Esperia, was purchased by their founder, Ivanis Menagaz, after his immigration from Italy to South Africa. Early crops were papayas, mangoes and various vegetables. The first macadamia orchards were planted in 1996 and Ivory Macadamias was established as a company in 2008.

They are still a family-run business, where a sense of pride and good, old-fashioned work ethic still governs the day to day running of their farms and factory


Quality is core to Ivory Macadamias processing. They have a team of 6 dedicated quality staff who are each assigned to a specific quality control point within the operation. Sampling and analysis is undertaken throughout all stages of processing, with management constantly updated.

Ivory take absolutely no risks when it comes to food safety, adhering to strict testing protocols and procedures. They are GlobalGAP and  HACCP certified which ensures complete food safety and traceability through all stages of processing. All batches of macadamias processed are micro-biologically tested in accordance with their HACCP approved program. Each batch sold is accompanied by its relevant micro-analysis and quality certificates.

World Class factory

Recent major expansions allowed for increased processing capacity, as well as the upgrade of all factory equipment to that of the latest technology. Their factory is now world class and the most advanced macadamia processing facility in Africa.

Ivory have developed a proud reputation in South Africa and other parts of the world for the efficiency of their processing and the quality of their macadamias.