Meet The Team

Larry McHugh

Larry McHugh is General Manager of Macadamia Marketing International, a member of the Board of the Australian Macadamia Society and a member of the Australian Macadamia Marketing Committee. Larry has a degree in Mechanical engineering and has worked in the macadamia industry since 1992 in roles including factory design, factory management, quality management, operations management and general management. In 2011 he moved from his role as General Manager of Macadamia Processing Company to become the General Manager of Macadamia Marketing International. Larry has a wealth of experience in many facets of the macadamia industry and is keen to use this knowledge to assist MMI’s customers establish and grow their macadamia business.

Eric Zhang

Eric is the International Sales Manager at MMI. He has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is fluent in Mandarin and English. He started his career in China as a Railway HVAC System Engineer and then moved into the sales and marketing field. He has extensive experience of introducing products from Australia, Germany, Spain and the USA into Chinese market and a proven track record in making and implementing Market Strategy, Project Management, Data Analysis and Key Account Management. Eric has the drive and ability to help our customers succeed with their macadamia projects.

George Hagios

George Hagios is the International Sales and Marketing Manager of Macadamia Marketing International. George has a degree in marketing and business management from Macquarie University and has worked in the macadamia industry since 2007. He has wide range of sales and marketing background working for various multinational companies that specialised in food, chocolate and confectionary categories in account management, marketing and sales roles both in Australia and overseas. With a decade of experience in the macadamia industry George is ready to assist MMI’s customers both existing and new to foster key partnership to grow their business.