About Us

Some of the world’s largest growers and macadamia processing companies joined forces to create Macadamia Marketing International (MMI). Our aim is to give you a consistent and reliable supply of macadamias directly from the source. We pride ourselves on being different by providing a total solution in source and supply of your macadamia requirements.

Our Australian processing factories, Macadamia Processing Company and Pacific Gold Macadamia, are owned by Growers and are the two largest processing factories in Australia. Together they process over 40% of the Australian crop. Both Australian factories have highly experienced staff and growers and produce our world renowned brand International Macadamias Ltd (IML). Our Ivory Macadamias and Barberton Valley Plantation brands are sourced from growers in South Africa. In Kenya our partner factories supply our Fort Hall Foods and Kenya Gold brands. All these high quality brands are exclusive to MMI.

MMI works closely with our customers in all facets of the value chain. The MMI staff are highly experienced in producing & sourcing quality macadamias and we also provide our customers with technical support from our factories. Our expertise in shipping, customs clearance and warehousing ensures a hassle free experience.

Our marketing activities are focused on providing a wide range of solutions for macadamia supply into all sectors including the health foods, snack, confectionery, ice cream, bakery and ingredient categories.

MMI offers customised solutions including roasting, dicing, repacking, special pack sizes, flavouring and retail packing. Please refer to our products section for more specific information and details.